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Leland and Vincent nerd out about video game music in particular and everything else in general.

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Episode 12 - Vincent Bondy Puts Tubes In My Brain While I’m Asleep


With a title like that, how could you not listen?
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Episode 11 - Endless Wishlist


On this episode, we leap ears first into our ever growing backlog.
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Episode 10 - What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse


Don’t fall asleep to these frightening tunes unless you want Freddy to suck you into a video game and kill you in a ridiculous, over the top way! He uses Game Genie too. What a cheat!
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Episode 9 - SNESing Around


We celebrate the release of the SNES Classic by showcasing some of its greatest tracks.
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Episode 8 - SUBCON LIVES!


Holy smokes. We’re back! How’s by you? Cyborg cops, street punks, super tanks, ninjas, cowboys, spies and explosions have all been waiting for you! Oh, and there’s video game music in there somewhere.
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Episode 7 - Treasure Trove of Tracks

A mix tape episode that, at first, sounds like it clashes like no other. Fear not! This is a nice slice of retro high energy that slowly melts into dreamy pleasantness. Enjoy!
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Episode 6 - Phoning It In (Not Really)

OK. The title of this episode is a total lie. You’ll listen to this and enjoy it, dang it!
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Episode 5 - Just One More Quarter

This week we travel back to the arcades/pizza parlors of early nineteen-ninety something and spend way too many quarters (or tokens) rocking out to the great music of beat ‘em ups!
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Episode 4 - Mandatory NES

This week we dive into the overwhelming glut of awesome music from one of the greatest video game consoles ever: the Nintendo Entertainment System.
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Episode 3 - A Wild Vince Appears!

Whoa. How long has it been? Oh no. Vince shows up and ruins a perfectly good podcast by dishing out a great assortment of video game music. I do the same.
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